Tomoyuki Ohashi, ABPIA Chairman Thank you for visiting our website of ABPIA; Asia Bobath Pediatric Instructors Association.

ABPIA began with a meeting of instructors and tutors serving in Basic Bobath Course for Children with Cerebral Palsy. They gathered to discuss management of its courses, lectures and practical sessions. Afterward, ABPIA has developed into activities progressing Bobath Concept, such as certificating, educating an instructor or holding workshops.

ABPIA is composed of members from not only Japan but also all over Asia, for example: tutors of Bobath courses in South Korea or trainees to become an instructor in Pakistan, the Philippines. ABPIA will expand its activities around Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia and so on. ABPIA will enhance the practice in each community with the participants in order to promote better understanding of Bobath Concept among Asian countries so that the practice can be meaningful for the children.

We will enhance the content of this website in order to provide you with useful information of ABPIA activities, related courses and lectures.
Tomoyuki Ohashi, ABPIA Chairman

Katsumasa Kii, Senior Instructor Welcome to ABPIA website.

More than 40 years passed since I moved to England in 1970, introducing the Bobath concept to Japan for the first time with Dr. Kajiura. At that time, it was supposed that there’s no treatment for cerebral palsy. Nowadays, however, children with cerebral palsy and their family can spend full of life days gradually in their community, thanks to the maturation of society: such as health care, welfare and education. I feel touched when I think the practice based on Bobath concept that we've continued actually contributed it.

Seeing the neighboring countries, on the other hand, the fact is that children with disabilities in early development including cerebral palsy, their family or the people involved are still in trouble with how to grow the children or how to support them. There are many children and family who suffer from various difficulties in Japan as well.

We will devote our practice to the future of children in Asian countries, and all over the world.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in the activities of ABPIA.

Katsumasa Kii, Senior Instructor