ABPIA has conducted some training courses.

8-week Basic Course

Aim A 8-week Basic Course for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language therapists and medical doctors, titled "The Assessment and Treatment of cerebral palsy and allied conditions based on the Bobath concept. "
The theory of the Bobath concept and a knowledge background and a practical skill are instructed. And the purpose plans development of the pediatric rehabilitation in Japan. Furthermore, the purpose is to acquire of the Neurodevelopmental approach of cerebral palsy and to learn the basic knowledge of the associated field.
Contents The history of the Bobath concept, Child neurology, Central nervous system, Ontogeny, Normal development knowledge, Clinical reasoning, Itemized discussion for Children with learning disabled, cerebral palsy and severe brain damage Sensation, Perception, Cognition, Communication, Eating function, Workshop Postural control, Motor control, Human movement analysis, Problem solving, Facilitation, Sensory coordination, Demonstration and the like.
Subjects Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language therapists and doctors have treated children for over 3years.

Advanced course

Aim A one-week Advanced Course for physiotherapists and occupational therapists, on "The Bobath Concept" as applied to the treatment of Cerebral Palsy and Neurological Conditions. The aim is to understand the Bobath concept more deeply through discussion with each students and to develop the Bobath concept more and more.
Contents The contents are theory, workshop, human movement, Movement Analysis, Demonstration and practice.
Subjects The Japanese Bobath association member A, a 8-weeks Corse participated.

Refresher Course

Purpose People who participated on 8-weeks course should change their mind, because the Bobath concept that always take in the latest neuro science and behavioral science have been revolutionaized.
Contents System theory, evaluation and treatment, clinical reasoning, locomotion and reaching activities, demonstration, practice, workshop, basic handling etc.
Subjects The Japanese Bobath association member A, a 8-weeks Corse participated.

Course for many kind of workers in Ryouiku

■The short course for staffs in NICU
Purpose Babies who stayed at NICU have trunk instability, abnormal sense that hypesthesia was mixed with hypersense, deviation of perception development, lack of attention, and low social skill. They are not explained according to MRI. The premature brain and the environment many affect babies development. We propose that how to solve this problems.
Subjects Nurse, PT, OT in NICU
■The course for many kind of work in the field of Ryouiku
Purpose The aim is to support life of cerebral palsy with the team approach, through the workshop, lectures and practice.
Contents The Bobath Concept and team approach, Life disorders of Cerebral Palsy, Movement Analysis, How to support sitting, standing and walking, Coordination hands to eyes, support ADL of Cerebral Palsy, Eating, and Coordination Environment etc.
Subjects PT, OT, Teachers, Nurse, care giver, SLT, Dental hygienist, Health Nurse.
■The Course for workers belonging to early development of child.
Purpose We propose how to support disabled children’s life based upon the Bobath Concept.
Contents Ryouiku, ADL, The knowledge of Cerebral Palsy, The relation to nusery.
Subjects Nursely, care giver and so on in Disabled Children’s facility.

The information Course

Purpose The aim is to study the Bobath Concept a 8-weeks course attendance.We deliver lecture of the Bobath concept, Cerebral Palsy evaluation, demonstration, and practice.
Contents The system theory, clinical reasoning, Motor analysis, eating, chowing dress head and trunk control and so on.
Subjects PT, OT, ST belong on 8 weeks Course participation.

the other course

■The course for Medical Doctor.
Purpose We expend understanding the Bobath concept for orthopedist, pediatrician and so on.
Contents Clinical picture of Cerebral Palsy, Diagnosis and Classification, Image, normal and abnormal development, The Bobath Concept, Treatment for Cerebral Palsy etc.
Subjects Medical Doctor