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The main content of the activity to plan and to manage the recognized course that trains the therapist, the doctor, the nurse, the dental hygienist, the teacher, the nursery teacher, and the care worker, etc. who can practice treatment and support based on the Bobath concept.

■The General meeting
We hold an annual general meeting every October and discuss the approval of instructors and tutors, the plans of each course, the cooperation system in Asia region and various other agenda.
We arrange one day education session before a general meeting.
We will improve our skills and acquire a lot of knowledge with course assistants in the session.
The meeting is held in Korea once every three years.
■The plan of Tutor's Module
The plan and holding is conducted irregularly in order to study uptodate neuroethology , apply it to the clinical practice, and make a fusion of the adult Bobath treatment.
■The plan and holding of various courses
We arrange plan and hold an eight-week basic course, an advanced course, an information course, multidisciplinary course and some other kinds of courses.
■Each local workshop
The ABPIA perform the lecturer dispatch to the workshop for the therapist.
We arrange to meet the demands due to many kinds of workers.
■Course hold around Asia
In each Asian country, it is woven troubled children, family, supporter a lot by the damage of the central nervous system from early period of development including the cerebral palsy.
There are not so many numbers, but we hold a class in each Asian country and wrestle for the personnel training , can support a child and a family positively.


1970 June Katsumasa Kii (Physical therapist) took part in a 10-weeks Bobath course in London, U.K.. After that, the Bobath thrapy for cerebral palsy was started at the Seiboryougoen in Osaka, Japan.
1971 September Ichiro Kajiura(President of Seiboryougoen, Medical Doctor) participated a 10-weeks Bobath course in London, U.K.. After that, the Bobath thrapy for cerebral palsy was started standardly in the field of Japan Disabled Children.
1973 May Katsumasa Kii attended a 10-weeks Bobath course in London, U. K.for the second time. After attendance, Mr & Mrs Bobath certified the Bobath instructor to Katsumasa Kii .
1973 Sep The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Japan disabled children association invited Mr & Mrs Bobath to Japan. Mr & Mrs Bobath held an eight-weeks course for the first time in Japan. 50 therapists attended the course from disabled children facilities of the whole country. (Koike Fumihide who was the president of the Seishiryougoen Tokyo planned it and run.)
1976, May Fumihide Koike ordered that an- eight weeks course was started at Seiboseishien in Osak, Japan, sponsored by Marubeni.
After that, the course has been held with 24 students every year.
From 1982, the course had been held hosted by Bobath Hospital and Osaka developmental center. From 2007, the course have been held hosted by Morinomiya Hospital and Osaka developmental center. Persons who graduated from the course attended the second course. The number of instructor and tutor has been increasing gradually.
Foreign participants from Korea and Pakistan are increasing.
1989 Aug the Bobath 8-weeks course was started at national Rehabilitation Center for disability children (former Seishiryougoen) in Tokyo. Main lectures were Dr. Kazuo Kodama, Dr. Tsunehiko Suzuki, Katsumasa Kii, Yasuo Hara, Matsuo Shinpo physical and others.
After that, lecturer meeting has been held to discuss about course programs and instruction point with lecturers of Osaka and Tokyo every year.
1991, April the Bobath 8-weeks course was started at Yonsei University Cebulance Hospital in Korea.
14 instructors from Japan supported the Korean course.
Mr. Kim Young Jue (ABPIA honorable membership) was in charge of interpreter between Korean and Japanese. Mr. Jung Song Hong who participated on 8-weeks course in Texas Huston USA assisted.
After 1992 Mr. Kim and Mr. Hong have attended at the lecture meeting in Japan every year. The lecture meeting was the predecessor of the ABPIA.
By achievement of Mr. Hong and other Korean instructors, many physical therapist and occupational therapists in Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka have taken part in the Korean Bobath 8-keeks course.
The member of it has been increasing, what’s more, Bobath Information courses have been held in Manila, Jakarta and the like.

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